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    PC/P3/P4/X360/X1 5in1 Controller Converter(Bulk) received today, only 7 days to reach the north of Spain, when usually takes around 60 days. That's amazing. , great product with a great price, only in Superufo. Thanks Superufo.

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    Christmas Air Mail Latest Dates of Posting 2012
    The latest dates of posting for airmail (letters, cards, packets and parcels) intended for delivery before Christmas Day are shown below. While the dates are provisional, they are worked out based on the requirements of overseas postal administrations. These dates are subject to availability of flight services and may be altered at short notice. The public are advised to post earlier than the dates shown.

    Destination Letters & Cards Parcels & Packets Destination Letters & Cards Parcels & Packets
    Asia & Middle East
    Bahrain 15-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012 Nepal 10-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012
    Bangladesh 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Oman 14-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012
    Brunei Darussalam 12-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012 Pakistan 13-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012
    China, Mainland 10-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012 Philippines 8-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012
    India 1-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 Saudi Arabia 12-Dec-2012 12-Dec-2012
    Indonesia 12-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012 Singapore 12-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012
    Iran 11-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012 Sri Lanka 10-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012
    Israel 1-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 Syria 15-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012
    Japan 13-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Taiwan 12-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012
    Jordan 13-Dec-2012 13-Dec-2012 Thailand 12-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012
    Korea, South 12-Dec-2012 12-Dec-2012 United Arab Emirates 14-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012
    Lao PDR 15-Dec-2012 15-Dec-2012 Vietnam 15-Dec-2012 13-Dec-2012
    Lebanon 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Yemen 10-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012
    Malaysia 10-Dec-2012 12-Dec-2012
    Myanmar 14-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012 Other countries in Asia & Middle East 10-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012
    America (North, Central & South) and the Caribbean
    Argentina 1-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 USA 8-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012
    Brazil 4-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012 Uruguay 8-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012
    Canada 4-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012 Venezuela 6-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Chile 8-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012
    Costa Rica 12-Dec-2012 12-Dec-2012 The Caribbean:
    Cuba 12-Dec-2012 12-Dec-2012 - Bahamas 8-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Ecuador 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 - Barbados 11-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012
    Guatemala 7-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012 - Jamaica 10-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Guyana 1-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012 - Netherlands Antilles and Aruba 12-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012
    Mexico 3-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 - Trinidad and Tobago 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012
    Panama 14-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012
    Peru 8-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012 Other countries in America & the Caribbean 3-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012
    Austria 8-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012 Malta 29-Nov-2012 27-Nov-2012
    Belgium 8-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012 Montenegro 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012
    Cyprus 4-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012 Netherlands 8-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012
    Czech 4-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 Norway 8-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Denmark 5-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012 Poland 8-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012
    Estonia 3-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 Portugal 4-Dec-2012 28-Nov-2012
    Finland 7-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012 Romania 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012
    France 8-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012 Russia 26-Nov-2012 24-Nov-2012
    Germany 30-Nov-2012 28-Nov-2012 Serbia 7-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012
    Gibraltar 4-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012 Slovakia 6-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012
    Greece 1-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 Spain 3-Dec-2012 3-Dec-2012
    Hungary 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Sweden 8-Dec-2012 29-Nov-2012
    Iceland 4-Dec-2012 30-Nov-2012 Switzerland 7-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Ireland 7-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012 Turkey 1-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012
    Italy 5-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012 United Kingdom 29-Nov-2012 29-Nov-2012
    Latvia 4-Dec-2012 30-Nov-2012
    Lithuania 5-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012 Other countries in Europe 6-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Australia 10-Dec-2012 10-Dec-2012 New Zealand 8-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012
    Fiji 12-Dec-2012 12-Dec-2012 Papua New Guinea 14-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012
    French Polynesia 12-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Solomon Islands 6-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Nauru Islands 5-Dec-2012 5-Dec-2012 Tonga 12-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012
    New Caledonia 7-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012 Other countries in Oceania 1-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012
    Botswana 6-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012 Nigeria 14-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012
    Congo (Dem. Rep. of the) 11-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012 Reunion 15-Dec-2012 15-Dec-2012
    Cote d'Ivoire 7-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012 Seychelles 14-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012
    Egypt 15-Dec-2012 14-Dec-2012 Sierra Leone 5-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012
    Gambia 6-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012 South Africa 4-Dec-2012 4-Dec-2012
    Ghana 11-Dec-2012 9-Dec-2012 Sudan 8-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012
    Kenya 11-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Swaziland 11-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012
    Lesotho 11-Dec-2012 11-Dec-2012 Tanzania 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012
    Madagascar 15-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Uganda 10-Dec-2012 3-Dec-2012
    Malawi 7-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012 Zambia 3-Dec-2012 1-Dec-2012
    Mauritius 11-Dec-2012 6-Dec-2012 Zimbabwe 7-Dec-2012 7-Dec-2012
    Morocco 15-Dec-2012 13-Dec-2012
    Mozambique 8-Dec-2012 8-Dec-2012 Other countries in Africa 1-Dec-2012 26-Nov-2012
    (12498 Reads)

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